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Social Networking ARE Downing me. Join, be a member, Login and always forgetting to log out. Yeah in the beginning it is easy to remember to log-out. The Options exceeding and unlimited:

Do you want to connect to …..

Would you like to add friends?


Can we suggest these people as your friends, Don’t worry just give us your email address and we will add them.

Is there anything special in your bookmark favorites you would like to add? How much easier could it be? Then rolling my mouse up to bookmark on my browser

All of this to enhance my internet experience.

If only I could get though security at the airport like this.  The Attendant being so courteous with me. I’d never leave that airline. I would surely say I enjoyed the experience.

Where does it end. Every time I think I’ve found that one place I can call my little Home online. I find Out I’m in a cubicles filled with a bunch of people I have nothing in common with at all.

Oh know Jane over their like the same color I do. Jack favorite artist is the guy who’s blog I went to by accident.  But know we like the same artist. Here are a few more people that may be interesting to you.  You reside in the same area code. None of these people would I invite to my home.

Do you mind if we have your phone number just to verify your account.

Did I give my phone number to that guy at the bookstore at the checkout counter. Can we have your email address as well to send you our special offers online.

Each one claiming to enhance my internet experience.

Making every thing easier to access. One button or one right click and it’s down.

Slowly I feel my anchor is being pulled into some social network and all my privacy slipping away.

“No your secure, I don’t feel secure like my privacy is busting wide open for all to see.”

What do you have to hide nothing, but I don’t want to be behind some two way mirror and placed into a “Niche”.

What darn demographics am I fitting into. The one that  walks on two legs and have a brain and surfs the internet.   Thank You WordPress for not suggesting a think to me.   Did you enjoy your shopping experience Online? What! I didn’t buy a thing!

WordPress Don’t ever Change!



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