Why Can’t We?

Why can’t Beauty just be beauty?
With no pretensions,
just full acceptance of the body,
the shape, the texture, the color,
the size, the length, the height,
the width, and the weight.

The only standard is to accept,
to embrace your own
and those of others’
as it should be.

Why can’t Love be simply love?
No restrictions,
no prejudice against another,
no saying who can
from those who cannot.

A territory of boundless space
as vast as lands
and as deep as the waters,

Why can’t Humans just be humans?
Not just viewed through science
but through the general consensus
of living in and with respect,
in shared spaces,
a humane community.
Recognizing that your needs,
dreams, and thoughts
are as valuable as those of strangers.

Not holding your rights over others
but letting it be known
that like you,
everybody else can choose
who they want to be,
how to live,
what to look like,
and who to love.
No hypocrisies
as a result of a limiting
and limited conditioning,
released from the bondage of close-mindedness and arrogance.

Why can’t we, when we can.