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Buried by Time and Wave

Stone of Destiny

“The only true constant, is change.”

—Heraclitus of Ephesus, 4th century BCE

I am paraphrasing a bit there, I think.  I know that I have the actual quote, in the original Greek, stashed away somewhere around here, but it would take me a while to find it.  I’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to straighten up around the house, which has, in its own way, led to a certain amount of chaos.

I think Heraclitus would have appreciated that particular bit of irony.  He was a man who believed that every ‘thing’ was contained within it’s opposite.  It’s a difficult concept to wrap ones head around.  Yet as I take in the present state of my home, strewn as it is, with half-empty boxes and random piles of clutter (all of it somewhere in the process of re-organization, to be sure), I find it to be a…

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Tobacco & Leather

Tobacco & Leather.

via Tobacco & Leather.

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Tobacco & Leather

Tobacco & Leather.

via Tobacco & Leather.

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I wanna be famous…REALLY???

Culture Monk

i really wanna be famous

by Kenneth Justice

~Whenever young people are asked, “Would you rather be given a million dollars or be famous?” the majority of young people in the Western World answer unequivocally “I wanna be famous!”

I happen to live in a metropolitan area that has been granting Hollywood Film Studios money and other incentives to film their movies in our cities. Thus, over the past number of years the coffee shops I hang out at have been the stomping grounds of all the A-List actresses and actors that fill the big screen and those that are apart of many people’s weekly television viewing habits; the celebrities are everywhere.

Some of my coffee house acquaintances are obsessed with racking up lists of all the actors and actresses they have shaken hands with or had coffee next to; some of these acquaintances have become so tiresome with their celebrity obsession that I find…

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Beneath the Surface of Abandonment

Archaeology and Material Culture

Abandonment art is routinely lamented for its literal and metaphorical focus on aesthetic surfaces; that is, abandonment art risks reducing the weathered, damaged, and derelict exteriors of abandoned buildings to an ahistorical style that fails to illuminate processes of ruination.  Some critiques of ruin art are guilty of their own romantic desire to paint transparently uplifting or “authentic” pictures of a place; in many instances, they somewhat xenophobically resist a host of “outsiders” spilling into eroding urban cores; and some critics of “ruin porn” hazard ignoring the genuine structural decline of much of urban America.  Nevertheless, a shallow gaze on abandoned landscapes may indeed hazard trivializing complicated historical decline by fixating on the visual dimensions of ruin.

Ruins may well have assumed their elevated contemporary prominence because of the digital documentation of abandonment: the likes of flick’r and tumbl’r are awash with ruin images; instagram-armed camera phones document…

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The Light

Chimera Poetry

light tunnel LENA

there is a hole in the world and the light is running out of it
shall we gather it in baskets?
try to collect the glints and flickers and save them
wrapped carefully in paper
for another day?
shall we pursue it, begging, worshiping
bringing wheat and vessels of wine and oil
naming it
placating it
fearing it
the light is running out
should there be judgment?
the elders must decree…
must fasten thoughts into waiting minds
with hooks
and bind them in belief
the light is running
leaving darkness in its wake
but to see a candle flame you must be in a shadowed place
then you can begin again
to call the light
and carry it into the world

*artwork by LENA*

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Chloe's World of Fashion

My mum once told me she use to lie in the bathtub squeezing lemon juice and vodka onto her freckles in an attempt to subdue their colour (therefore my entire childhood consisted of me being practically bathed in sunscreen). However long gone are the days of ‘freckle face,’ freckles are now welcomed and sought after in society. Take a look at these beautifully freckled faces..


There’s nothing I love more than seeing a beautifully freckled face or nose. Freckles remind me of long hot days in the sun, sun baking on the beach and coconut sun-screen; could anything make you happier?

In my desperate attempt to gain a few freckles I attempted to give myself some faux freckles by dotting my face with brown eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately this made left me looking like I had face-planted into a heap of dust or come down with a serious case of the…

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Project: The Culture


Finally, after a lot of hard work my project “The Culture” is live on my portfolio. It was a long process, and it’s bittersweet to be finished.

Brad and his family are some of the best people I’ve ever met and I can’t thank them enough for taking me in as if I was one of their own. I’ve learned so much from Brad about what it means to be a father and a husband. I’ve learned so much about what it means to be an artist and a man.

Please take a moment to have a look.

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Samhain Thoughts

The Druid Bird

So this week in honour of Samhain we’re going to be having a bumper Pagan Friday!

Part One: Reflections on the Past Year

I’ve grown more in this year than any other in my life, I’m glad that this time last year I was in a happy place- I knew that the Gods were going to pick away and take that from me, and they did.

In the last year I have:

Kissed sixteen men, done four shows, directed three shows, made countless friends, been in two relationships, been to two funerals, visited hospital twice, needed an ambulance once, been mistaken for a teacher three times, had one incident of Self Harm, drunk one third of a bottle of red wine, had my heart broken twice, had over three hundred stage kisses, cried uncontrollably in the drama office twice, watched three people vomit, applied for twenty three jobs, been rejected…

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